Foods and Supplements to Ease Muscle and Joint Pain

May 4, 2017

Chronic Pain and Reducing Inflammation

Chronic pain is a direct result of inflammation in the body.  SO, what causes inflammation:

  • What we put in the body: food, water, beverages, pharmaceuticals, supplements, drugs, alcohol.
  • What we put on the body: lotions, make-up, perfumes, sunscreen, other chemicals.
  • What the body cant get rid of: toxic load. Anything the body doesn’t need that remains in the system is considered excess and becomes toxic load.  This could be from what you put in the body, to what you put on the body, to what the body is exposed to (environmentally), AND what the cells are dumping but are having a hard time getting OUT of the system.

Best ways to reduce inflammation:

  • Eat organic to avoid herbicides and pesticides which are chemicals that drench our food sources with toxins that create inflammation in the body. Eating a diet comprised of veggies, clean meats (organic, grass fed, wild); low fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains. Grains are very inflammatory.
  • Start working with an integrative doctor that can help guide you through removing your pharmaceuticals and teaching your body how to be balanced on its own. Usually this will require a supplement region at first to make the transition.  Looking for a knowledgable naturopathic doctor, integrative doctor, alternative medicine doctor, or acupuncturist or chiropractor is helpful!
  • Make sure your water is filtered (what you drink and bath in!).
  • Limit alcohol and sugar intake. IF there are 3 things you could remove from your diet to reduce inflammation it would be alcohol, sugar, and grains.
  • Visit and see what products are clean vs laced with chemicals. Remember the body heats up to break down these chemicals you ingest or put on the body… excess heat = excess inflammation. Excess toxic load = increase levels of inflammation.

Top 3 nutraceuticals to reduce inflammation:

  • Turmeric, devils claw, boswellia.

Top 3 foods:

  • Ginger, turmeric, garlic.

Drainage remedies are the best. You can only get this seeing a practitioner like myself but its combination herbs and vibrational medicine. The vibrational medicine works like homeopathy to help send a signal inside the cell to help stimulate a detox and removal response. Its super powerful and this is actually how you get to a place where you don’t have to take anything even naturally for maintenance.

Stop taking anti-inflammatories. They stop the type 2 collagen fibers from knitting appropriately and make the repaired areas weaker….

Dr. Michelle Wolford, ND

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