MoveU Method Success Stories. Meet Katie & Jayla

April 15, 2017

Learn how these two women now live an empowered and pain free life resulting from their commitment to MoveU Method’s online coaching program.

Jayla is a speech therapist and yoga instructor. She had several unresolved injures and was scared she wouldn’t be able to workout with the intensity she loved. After less than 60 days of the MoveU Method, she has significantly less pain and is beyond excited about her future.

Katie is a mother, a nurse, and an athlete. For years, she has been investing countless hours of her time into resolving her back pain and pelvic floor function. Less than 60 days after beginning the method, she is feeling the best she has in years.  Katie is excited to continue her movement journey and to help others take ownership of their own body.

Listen and be inspired.


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