WARNING SIGNS That You’re Wasting Time with Treatment

May 14, 2017

How to know when you’re on the right path heading towards recovery

    • The process of seeking help for chronic pain and ending up frustrated 

      • You feel pain - you seek professional help - treatment fails - you seek more help - treatment fails again - you feel defeated and frustrated
    • Step 1:  Create a clear goal where you're going 
      • Make a SMART goal (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, timely)
      • A goal of "pain-free" is NOT a long term goal - and can cause you more harm than good
      • Neither is a simple goal like "putting your shoes on pain-free", as they can be achieved in a day or a week
      • The healthcare professionals plan for you should be crystal clear and guide you to your SMART goal
      • if you have any doubts or questions you must ask
      • If the professional gets defensive if you ask, find another professional. 
    • Beware

      • Passive therapies for more than a few days (ice/heat/ultrasound/lasers/lights/adjustments/passive stretching)
      • Pain relief procedures and surgeries (cortisone, creams, pills)
      • Doctors who do not live by the very values in which they teach
      • Uninspiring environments 
      • Confusing insurance or payments plans
      • Professionals that aren’t successful and inspirational (success is not money - but a mindset)
      • Professionals that have not been down the path to where your going
      • DO NOT expect long term results without you putting in effort
      • If you're laying on a table and somebody or something is doing the work on you - dont expect the results of that to last more than a few days or weeks.
    • The process is full of challenges and pleasures - and full of breakthroughs

      • The process to living pain-free is a process like a baby going crawling to walking
      • There is a clear process that starts with fundamentals and builds upon them
      • its very difficult to improve a full body movement by practicing more of that movement.  Ex. Improving yoru deadlift by deadlifting more
      • The timeframe to recovery is measured in years, not days or months

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