The Story of Vivobarefoot Shoes - with the founder!

December 29, 2017

We are both proud and embarrassed to feature an exciting interview with Galahad Clark, the founder, and CEO of Vivobarefoot!

We are embarrassed because I forgot my microphone and you can hear me typing for half of the podcast.  I'm sorrryyy!  


Learn How to Improve Your Running Technique with Valerie Hunt

November 6, 2017

You can improve your running technique and feel amazing.  

Valerie is a runner, an athlete, and a running coach.  She'll share some valuable knowledge that will help you gain strength, prevent injury, and be a more efficient runner.  You can learn to run better and run for longer!


Lessons from a Nike Master Trainer

September 15, 2017

Max Artsis shares his journey from acting to training, eventually becoming a Nike Master Trainer. He is a very likable, colorful, and upbeat guy - and I've enjoyed spending time with him and his team. He drops some very wise pearls of knowledge that will leave you inspired and excited to make today your very best day.  


A dentist’s inspirational story of overcoming chronic pain, and his journey to succeed in life.

September 8, 2017

Dr. Andrew Fagin is a MUver, a dentist, a musician, and a positive human being. Learn about yourself while listening to his exciting journey through professional school and overcoming chronic back pain. 


The Story of Andrew, Dr. Mike, and MoveU

September 1, 2017

Learn about the series of events that brought Dr. Mike & Andrew together, which marked the beginning of a journey full of challenges and good times that lead to the creation of MoveU. 


Create Habits & Goals that Work!

August 17, 2017

Kate Barr is a behavioral scientist who develops online health programs which help people achieve their goals and develop healthy new habits. She has extensively researched human behaviors at the University of Michigan. 

In this episode, you will love hearing Kate discuss achieving your goals, building self-confidence, and creating habits that stick!


Dr. Jacob Harden

August 11, 2017


Dr. Jacob Harden is a sports rehab chiropractor and movement expert. He is an influencer on Instagram (@JacobHarden), where he educates his audience on proper movement tips, through his 1 minute videos and images.

Tune in and learn more about the benefits of chiropractic, sports rehab, and why he invests so much time teaching proper movement online!


Fitness Tips for Pregnancy…and Beyond!

July 9, 2017

Dr. Sarah Duvall is a women’s physical health and fitness expert.  She is a mother, a physical therapist, and an adventurist!  In this episode we’ll discuss how women can overcome and prevent obstacles associated with pregnancy and being a mother!  Learn more about Sarah by visiting


Sam’s Inspirational Journey of Moving Past Pain

June 27, 2017

Sam joined MoveU after an 11 year search to find a solution to his back pain that limited his life and happiness. Recognize the similarities between his journey and your own, and allow his story to motivate and inspire to continue to continue working towards a better tomorrow. 


When to Push Through Pain & When to Rest

June 16, 2017

We’ve heard the term “RICE” - rest, ice, compression, and elevation.  But when do you rest?  When do you ice?  When should you just ignore “RICE” and push through the pain?  There is both art and science to knowing when to rest and when to keep going, and we’ll be shedding some light on this subject in this episode.